About Kushal Arora

Digital Kushal

Who Is Kushal Arora?

Kushal Arora is a blogger and proud founder of DigitalKushal.com

Kushal lives in Varanasi (Uttar Pradesh).

Apart from blogging he also does affiliate marketing and he is currently practising Digital Marketing. As he hopes to pursue his carrier in Digital Marketing and Make Money Online.

He is currently 18 Years Old.

Besides blogging and digital marketing, he is a Student and currently doing his graduation from commerce field.

Kushal loves to talk about technology and is quite crazy about what is happening in the tech world, gadgets, etc.

He loves to meet different people from his field share ask about there journey.

I started my first blog 3 years back and till Date have worked on more than 10+ successful blog and now I aim to help people start there own blog and generate a good amount of revenue from there blog.

When I started blogging there were very little resources to learn Blogging, SEO And Digital Marketing. So I don’t want you to struggle the same way I did, Now I aim to make this blog one-stop solution to all the RESOURCES required to start a blog and grow it to generate thousands and thousands of visitors every single month.

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